People don't hear a word you say unless it actually matters to them. Which is rarer than you'd think. So companies end up talking to themselves, saying the same old things they've always said, while the rest of us go on tuning them out. It comes down to this: we're talking to a human being. That human cares about something. Everything else follows from there.

"A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself."

—David Ogilvy

Invisible Ink Creative

Elisabeth McCumber | Owner

I started out as a copywriter in Portland, 2008. Today I'm a marketing consultant working with agencies and businesses in Oregon, Texas, New York and internationally.

I'm a writer, marketing coordinator, user experience aficionada, and client point-of-contact. I facilitate discussion, brainstorm ideas and drive action. When a project requires a larger team, I call on my colleagues in graphic design, web development and project management — people I've known and worked with for years, whose work I deeply respect — to scale into an agency of close-knit, hand-picked professionals.


So, what about you?

I have directly hired Elisabeth at three different companies and have consistently been very pleased with her work, regardless if it was a small local project or a large international promotion.
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Services & Specialties

UX Content Strategy

Design architecture, wireframes, content and messaging to deliver a seamless user experience that supports client objectives

Marketing Coordination

Draft goals, develop strategy, coordinate team, manage production and distribution of print and digital collateral

Content Marketing

Deliver value to users through blog, social and email marketing to bring prospects into the funnel and drive organic web traffic

Client Interaction

Deliver presentations, communicate, draw out client insights with professionalism, confidence and warmth

On-site SEO

Implement best practices in SEO meta data, keyword research and optimized content that serves the needs of the user

Website Creation

Create turnkey websites using WordPress, Concrete5, Shopify, etc; provide ongoing web content management


Create compelling copy for print and digital collateral: ad copy, press releases, email campaigns, whitepapers, more


Educate clients on how to implement on-page SEO, write for business, use WordPress, market to millennials

Selected Samples

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Invisible Ink Creative
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tel: (503) 317-8047

"Advertising is the ability to sense, interpret ... to put the very heart throbs of a business into type, paper and ink."

—Leo Burnett