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"Elisabeth is a wonderful person to work with, who's very professional in her work, both internally at ColumbiaSoft and with our clients. Her talent for turning concepts into copy is much appreciated and highly valued."
—Jim Kemp, Marketing Communications Manager, ColumbiaSoft

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MARCH 2014 - MARCH 2015
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ColumbiaSoft helps organizations transition to paperless record-keeping through their flagship offering, Document Locator. This is no one-size-fits-all approach; different organizations face drastically different workflow and compliance requirements. So, the company partners with its customers, working with them closely to customize the software to meet their needs. The value proposition has as much to do with the team's problem-solving ability and quality of service as it does with the software product itself.

Because the process and benefits are individual and complex, communicating them to prospective customers poses a challenge. I was hired to help the company overcome that challenge through storytelling: creating highly-readable case studies to show prospects the many shapes the solution can take and help them imagine how it might transform their own operations. I interviewed the customer, drafted the story, and worked with them through the revision process until we had an approved final.

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