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Stash Tea Chalk Talk Mug description
Stash Tea is one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States, originally founded in Portland, still operating today from one of the city's suburbs. Its products are available in food service, grocery stories, tea and coffee shops, mail order, online and more.

I was hired to create product descriptions for the spring and fall print catalogues of 2009. I personally tested boxes full of merchandise and wrote the descriptions based on my experience. Many of the descriptions are still live on the company website.

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Spring and Fall Catalogues

Selected Product Descriptions

Chalk Talk Mug by Konitz

This 12 oz. ceramic mug has a classic shape, an angular handle and a chalkboard-black finish. Inside, a crisp stick of chalk, wrapped neatly in tissue paper, puts the message in your hands. Scrawl a note. Say hi. Say sorry. Say I love you. Leave a new quote or quip for someone each morning. A big hit among teachers, equally fun for any child-at-heart, this creative gift is sure to surprise and charm.

Paul Timman’s “Irezumi” Mug by Ink Dish

In clean lines and shades of blue, a masterfully-drawn catfish dips and dives along this 10 oz. porcelain mug – smoothly splashing through lilies, up to the sky, back under water. The work of Paul Timman, world-renowned tattoo artist specializing in traditional Japanese designs, exudes balance and craftsmanship. He describes his art as a “living symbol of feeling.” This exquisite design is a case in point. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Blue Clay Yixing Infuser Teapot by CCCI

With crisp, faceted lines on a rounded square body, this 15 oz. teapot features a swirling blue clay pattern on a chocolate brown finish. Yixing (“ee-shing”) pottery, invented during the Sung dynasty, is still preferred by today’s Chinese tea connoisseurs for its earthy texture, which insulates, enhances aromas and absorbs flavors over time. Teapot includes infuser basket. Rinse to clean.

Hobnail Ceramic Tea for Two by Kotobuki

Crafted in the traditional hobnail pattern of a cast-iron tetsubin teapot, this ceramic set is silvery in one light, bronze in another, with flashes of iridescent blue. The compact, 22 oz. teapot comes with a deep wire-mesh infuser basket, two 4 oz. cups and a bamboo handle.

Kiwi Slim Travel Mug by Namu Baru

Practical and stylish join forces in this fast-moving, 12 oz. travel mug. Stow it anywhere: car, backpack, office, home. Under the lid, a twist-off screen offers two ways to brew: put tea leaves in the body, and the screen acts as a filter so you can sip while it steeps - or put the leaves on top of the screen, and it’s an infuser basket. Made of lightweight aluminum with dual-wall vacuum insulation, your tea is sure to stay hot (or cold!).

Autumn Branches Mug by Abbott

On each side of this 12 oz. ceramic mug is an evocative image etched in an ivory glaze. With a few brush strokes, a lovely, lonely tree conjures a world of feeling: wild paths, stirring wind. A poetic gift for the quiet soul.

Sheep and Tree Mug by Willow Lane

An endearing white sheep with lightly frosted wool waits beneath a willow tree on this friendly, 15 oz. ceramic mug. The background and interior are glazed in flaxen cream with a sienna border, while the glossy black rim, base and handle add weight and elegance to this sweet scene. Hand-painted, each mug is unique, adding to the intrinsic value of the piece. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Eco Cup by DCI

It’s not paper. It’s not plastic. It’s a 15 oz., single-walled porcelain mug with a silicone sleeve and lid, sure to earn a second glance wherever it goes. Created by a company that loves to play with pop culture notions, this mug looks like it came straight from the cafe: a clever twist on a contemporary icon. Of course, unlike the paper cup, it's reusable. It’ll make a statement. It might even inspire someone to save a tree. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Sweetgrass Tea for Two by Kotobuki

Invoke the taste of Japan with this attractive tea set. Its glossy, lightly crackled glaze explores hues of green, ranging from pale grassland to deep forest. The stylish spout of the 24 oz. ceramic teapot tapers to a finely pointed tip, complete with a wire-mesh infuser basket, bamboo handle, and two 6 oz. cups.

Jade Tokoname Teaset by Kotobuki

In Tokoname, a Japanese city renowned for its teaware tradition, it’s believed that green teas are sweetest when brewed in a clay vessel. With a distinctive kyusu side-handle, this 12 oz. ceramic Tokoname teapot is glazed an even, jade green, accented by red and black Japanese handwriting on a soft white wash. A wire mesh in the base of the spout ensures a clean cup. Comes with two 4 oz. cups of the same pattern, with a softly-brushed white interior. Gift-packed in an attractive black box.