Once upon a time …

In 2008 — after earning my degree in English, working overseas, and getting pretty fluent in French — I started up a business in Portland, Oregon, and began my career as a copywriter.

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And then, the theatre

The same summer, I co-founded a theatre company. For two years, I project-managed our theatrical season, directed publicity, and managed SEO and content on the company website that I developed. I also contributed artistically as playwright, performer and co-artistic director.

So much challenge! Yet it added up to a period of intensive professional development.

Onward and upward

After leaving that company in 2011, I continued to grow my business as a copywriter, working with agencies, businesses, nonprofits and universities in Oregon, New York, Texas, Europe and Australia — eventually expanding into brand strategy, marketing coordination, and user experience (UX).

The story’s the thing

What do all these lines of work have in common? Storytelling. Parameters vary, but the underlying challenge holds: can you connect with your audience? Can you make yourself understood? Do you know who they are, deep down? Can you make them feel something?

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I’m good at asking questions, guiding discussion, unearthing what matters, and articulating it in a way that clicks. Most importantly, I create communications that work for both sides (listener and talker, audience and organization), because that link between the two is really all that matters. Whatever form it may take — defining a brand story, drafting website architecture, or building a five-year strategy — that space in between is where the magic happens.

Now you see it …

And to deliver the connection so authentically that the audience doesn’t even notice it happening? Well, that’s what I call invisible ink.

Ink Stain

So, what about you?