Senior Copywriting

With a bachelor’s degree in English and 10+ years’ experience in my field, I deliver immaculate copywriting across a variety of print and digital applications.

  • Take the lead within creative teams on areas of specialization
  • Collaborate with art directors, designers, developers
  • Liaise with clients, deliver effective presentations
  • Generate creative strategies and original concepts
  • Work with team members to help them grow as writers
  • Develop style guide, editorial standards, policies
Brand Strategy

Branding is much more than a logo. It’s a long-term, goal-driven strategy that encompasses all aspects of your organization. To define your brand is to translate who you are (your offerings, values and culture) into a story that resonates emotionally with your audience, positioning you to win in your competitive landscape.

  • Perform discovery, analysis, presentation of findings
  • Build a unifying, research-based, authentic brand story
  • Develop identity (naming services, tagline, brand book)
  • Create messaging toolkit (promise, elevator pitch, etc)
Responsive Website Design Sample
Website Creation

I create turnkey WordPress websites for clients with straightforward needs.

  • Perform discovery, analysis, presentation of findings
  • Define brand-aligned color palette, typography, photography
  • Provide web writing, UX, SEO, content marketing

If your project requires a team of specialized designers and developers, I can help you select a trustworthy partner. If you’d like me to remain involved from there, I can work with your partner as a project manager or collaborator.

User Experience (UX)

UX is a term that touches on every detail of your website: how it looks and feels, what it says, what it can do, how easy it is to navigate, and the list goes on. A good UX is crucial to your website’s success.

  • Perform discovery, analysis, presentation of findings
  • Define content strategy, conversion goals, user paths
  • Draft information architecture and wireframes
  • Ensure an intuitive, positive experience for your users
Wireframing Samples
SEO Samples
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of SEO is simple: increase traffic to your site. The requirements are simple, too: make your content findable and valuable to your users. Getting from point A to point B? That takes a bit of finesse.

  • Install, evaluate Google analytics for the website
  • Research and select competitive keywords
  • Ensure that targeted pages authentically serve user goals
  • Implement best-practice optimization of on-page content
  • Generate ad-quality meta titles and descriptions
  • Address issues with Google Places and Wikipedia

Need a professional opinion? Hitting a wall in your writing? Looking to expand your skills in a particular area? I’m available on an hourly basis to partner with you.

  • Make professional recommendations
  • Mentor you or your team in your writing
  • Provide tutorials on WordPress, SEO, best practices
  • Create and present workshops for your team
  • Offer on-site support for conferences and events

"The notes you provided were so helpful and really helped put folks' minds at ease! Thanks for talking us through the process, providing us with peace of mind."

—Meg Shoemaker Little, Welcoming America

Team Process

As a process geek, I get a thrill from helping teams find an efficient, empowering way forward — whether we’re drafting company-wide procedure or just having a productive discussion.

  • Facilitate formal consensus decision-making process
  • Informally guide groups to consensus through discussion
  • Support clients in navigating strategic decisions
  • Develop company procedures, create process documentation
Content Marketing

It’s all about the funnel. I develop custom content marketing strategies to generate web traffic, warm up cold leads, and improve both acquisition and retention.

  • Perform discovery, analysis, presentation of findings
  • Draft a tiered strategy for progressive user engagement
  • Designate content types, sources, and timeframes
  • Implement or collaborate on implementation of strategy
  • Establish metrics to evaluate ROI

So, what about you?