Featured Projects

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) and Women's Cyber Security Symposium
CSAW Pre-event


Two national cyber security conferences. Nine different target audiences.

One ten-year-old brand with a robust national following, to raise to the next level.

One new brand to build from scratch.


  • Brand Messaging
  • Print & Digital Copywriting
  • Web Copy, IA, UX
  • Web Content Management
  • Marketing Coordination
  • On-site Conference Support

Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan

Corvallis, Oregon
Responsive Website Design Sample


A community of gentle, quirky folks with a century-old passion for healing and helping. A church parish as old as its town, instrumental in shaping local history.

With 30+ decentralized outreach groups, the church needed a brand story to empower all parishioners to embrace their authentic shared identity.


  • Brand Identity
  • Web Copy, IA, UX, Design
  • Web Content Management
  • Original Photography
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO Issue Resolution (Wikipedia, Google Places)

Certified Welcoming

A project of Welcoming America
Certified Welcoming logo


Welcoming America was launching a certification program, which needed an identity to connect the program to the organization, while allowing room for it to branch off separately someday.

Through iterative collaboration, we defined a true and compelling brand story, then built on that foundation with a name and tagline the whole team felt good about.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming Services
  • Tagline Development